Welcome! As an artist I have created thousands of personalized murals, paintings, drawings, illustrations and logos. In these pages you can get more information on me and see pictures of my art and the services that I offer.  As a freelance artist I am always looking to be part of new and exciting projects!
I provide creative, reliable, and timely service with professionalism and care.  Please take a look around to see examples of distinctive style and let me know if you are interested in hiring me or purchasing my work.
Thanks for entering & enjoy your visit!
Making your life and home more beautiful...

Call or email me today to talk about what you would like! 
I offer a wide range of artistic talents;
  • Ornamental Plaster
  • Pet & People portraits
  • Architectural drawings
  • Murals & Wall art
  • Graphic design & logos & Illustrations
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Below left: “Before” picture of a dining room in Street of Dreams home in Oregon.

Below Right: The same dining room 
enlivened by a hand-painted mural depicting an Italian village and pond scene...what a difference!

Left: This lovely lady intrigues the customers of Mardini’s restaurant in Snohomish, Wa. Where is she sneaking off to? What is upstairs?

Before & After of a kitchen wall in a home in Scottsdale, AZ. The trompe l'oeil niche with urn and wine bottle was a great addition!
Right: here is a close up of the trompe l'oeil. I hid the children's names in the words on the wine bottle...fun!
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